We are also selling Pokemon Go accounts!

We have Pokemon go accounts ranging between level 30 to level 35 and it comes with Dragonite, Snorlax, Gyarados, venusaur, charmander,. blastoise and many more collections. Most of our accounts have filled up their collections and some of them are full collections.

Dragonite with 3000+ CP (91+ IV) 

If you are interested please leave us a message here or kakaotalk us (jamezzzz)

level 30 account with dragonite and most of other collections: 50$

level 32 account with dragonite and most collections: 70

level 35 account with multiple dragonite snorlax and full collections (145/151) besides legendary pokemon: 150$


포켓몬 고 계정 팝니다 (레벨 30-35)

망나뇽 3000CP, 이브이 시리즈, 갸라도스 기본탑제에 잠만보 라프라스 등등 top 10 레어 몬스터들 기본적으로 다 딸려 나옵니다

문의사항은 카톡으로 연락 주세요 (jamezzzz)




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