Duo Queue Boosting is Available in NA

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Duo queue service is now available for NA server. Unlike net wins, we charge duo queue service for # of wins only. The # of wins we charge is unrelated to the # of losses during the boost. In order to receive a duo queue service, you must have skype installed along with microphone.

Queue it up with our diamond 1 booster and get some extra wins with affordable price. Learn about making calls & laning tips while playing on your own account.

Bronze Duo flat rate package: 15$  (Total 5 games)

Silver Duo flat rate package: 20$ (Total 5 games)

Gold Duo flat rate package: 25$  (Total 5 games)

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13 thoughts on “Duo Queue Boosting is Available in NA”

  1. tench1997 says:

    if i buy 5 duo wins right now, when will you play with me?

    1. admin says:

      we are doing it right now :)

      1. tench1997 says:

        So i just bought the service, Receipt No:3468-8654-2913-9640
        is it possible for us to get in some of the games today?

        1. admin says:

          yes we can arrange some games today :)

          1. tench1997 says:

            Awesome, when do you think we could play? just so i can set aside a few hours

          2. admin says:

            msg us on skype! mmrtrend@skype

            we can get started right now

  2. tench1997 says:

    Alright just did :) The one in SF right?

  3. peroxyd says:

    Hello, I have not played my placement matches yet, what is the pricing for these ?
    Thank you

    1. admin says:

      We provide 8-2 or better guaranteed (silver 1 or gold 5 or higher) for 10 silver 1 net win price ($55)

      1. peroxyd says:

        If I buy 5 placement games now, how soon can we Duo queue ? My hours are pretty limited due to work, I am available on sunday afternoon and during the week between 5 and 9 PM PST

        1. admin says:

          id recommend buying a boost since we are so busy boosting accounts until the end of season

  4. Yanniyanyan says:

    If i buy a duo q service right now, are you able to start it right away?

    1. admin says:

      you will have to wait 1-2 days at least

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