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Division Boosting Policy & Terms of Service


We currently provide elo boostings for NA, EU, OCE, KR, LA, Brazil, Russia, and Turkey server



  • If you purchase a division boost, your division boosting is guaranteed no matter what happens to your account.
  • You may not play any solo queue ranked games while your boost is in effect. If you play any solo queue ranked games and lose games, our booster will stop and we are not likely going to boost to your desired tier.
  • We are available to boost in NA, EU, OCE, Turkey, KR, Latin America, Brazil, and Garena servers.
  • Refunds are only applicable for the part of the boost that has not yet been completed.
  • MMRtrend guarantees to finish the boost in 1 to 1.5 days per division once our booster has been assigned. Estimated boosting time will be given to customers for more than three division boosting. We have over nine Diamond I & Ex-Challenger players ready for elo boosting for NA EU and OCE server.
  • Please Contact MMRtrend@Skype or for further support
  • We charge 2 net wins for BO3 promotion and 3 net wins for BO5 promotion when purchased as net wins (Division boosting has promotion wins included in the price)
  • If you are currently at 0LP and about to get “Demoted” with one loss, please let us know.


How to purchase an elo boosting service

  1. Register for this website (, you must be logged in or else sometimes the shopping cart does not show when you click add to cart button. If the shopping cart does not appear after registration, please email us at
  2. Select Buy Boostings from the menu tab, read division boosting service policy & terms of service.
  3. Scroll down for the desired boosting service and click on add on cart button right below.
  4. Select shopping cart from the menu tab as you see a shopping cart icon appear, proceed to checkout.
  5. Once your payment is done, you will be directed to the page for submitting your account information and password.
  6. We will contact you via skype or email once boosting starts and we will update the progress in everyday basis.

 Shopping Cart Issue

If the shopping cart does not appear or glitches after clicking on add to cart button, try the following options below.

  • Register to the website then log in to see if this solves the problem
  • Try the different browser (chrome, IE, firefox)
  • Email us at or skype us at mmrtrend@skype if you have any technical difficulties.
  • You must be logged in if you want the shopping cart to work properly.



Division Boosting 

  • Prices are in US Dollar
  • We Guarantee the lowest price in NA & EU & OCE server. We will pricematch any other elo boosting websites upon request.
  • Visit for how to purchase boosting service from us


Season 5 Placement Rates (7-3 or above guaranteed The records are likely to be 8-2 or 9-1)

– Season 5 Bronze or Silver or Unranked account: 45$ (Boosted by Diamond 4 or above Players)


– Season 5 Gold account: 55$ (Boosted by Diamond 1 Players)


– Season 5 Platinum account: 65$ (Boosted by Diamond 1 Players)


– Season 5 Diamond account: 70$ (Boosted by Diamond 1 70+LP or Challenger Players)


 You must be registered and logged in otherwise there is a chance that shopping cart will glitch



 Priority Boosting

If you add priority boosting (10$) to your cart along with your division boosting, you will have no wait time and we will start within 30min to 8 hours upon purchase

Add Priority Boosting   $10.00  


Bronze Boosting Rates

Bronze V -> IV    $11.00

Bronze IV -> III    $12.00

Bronze III -> II      $14.00

Bronze II -> I       $14.00

Bronze I -> Silver V    $15.00  

The Division boosting system will be changed into the net win system if the LP GAIN per win is less than 14.

Bronze V-II Net Wins: $3.50 per net win

Bronze I Net Wins: $4.00 per net win

The minimum order of net wins are three wins


Silver Boosting Rates

If you add priority boosting (10$) to your cart along with your division boosting, you will have no wait time and we will start within 30min to 8 hours upon purchase

Add Priority Boosting   $10.00  

Silver V -> IV     $15.00  

Silver IV -> III      $18.00  

Silver III -> II      $18.00  

Silver II -> I       $18.00  

Silver I -> Gold V   $20.99  

Silver V -> Gold V Bundle   $135.99 -> 89.99  

The Division boosting system will be changed into the net win system if the LP GAIN per win is less than 14.

Silver V & IV Net Wins: $4.00 per net win

Silver III & II Net Wins: $4.00 per net win 

Silver I Net Wins: $4.50 per net win 

The minimum order of net wins are three wins


Gold Boosting Rates

If you add priority boosting (10$) to your cart along with your division boosting, you will have no wait time and we will start within 30min to 8 hours upon purchase

Add Priority Boosting   $10.00  

Gold V -> IV     $24.00

Gold IV -> III      $26.00

Gold III -> II      $28.00

Gold II -> I       $28.00

Gold I -> Platinum V $35.99

Gold V -> Platinum V Bundle 139.99

The Division boosting system will be changed into the net win system if the LP GAIN per win is less than 14.

Gold V & IV Net Wins: $6.50 per net win

Gold III & II Net Wins: $7.00 per net win 

Gold I Net Wins: $8.50 -> $7.50 per net win 

The minimum order of net wins are two wins


Platinum Boosting Rates (Availble for NA & EU & OCE )

If you add priority boosting (10$) to your cart along with your division boosting, you will have no wait time and we will start within 30min to 8 hours upon purchase

Add Priority Boosting   $10.00  

Platinum V -> IV     $44.99

Platinum IV -> III      $44.99

Platinum III -> II       $48.99

Platinum II -> I         $52.99

Platinum I -> Diamond V     $89.99


The Division boosting system will be changed into the net win system if the LP GAIN per win is less than 14.

Platinum V Net Wins: 7.99 per net win

Platinum  IV & III Net Wins: $10.49 per net win

Platinum II & I Net Wins: $11.99 per net win

The minimum order of net wins are two wins


Diamond Boosting Rates


Diamond V -> IV      $$100.00

Diamond IV -> III      $110.00

Diamond III -> II       $119.99

Diamond II -> I        $130.00

Diamond V – III Net Wins: $15.00 per net win

Diamond I & II Net Wins: $20.00 per net win 

Diamond I ->Master League: Contact Us



Duo Queue Boosting Packages (Enabled)


Bronze Duo Queue 5 Games Package: 20$ 

Bronze Duo Queue 10 Games Package: 39$  

Silver Duo  Queue 5 Games Package: 20$  

Silver Duo Queue 10 Games Package: 39$  

Gold Duo Queue 5 Games Package: 25$  

Gold Duo Queue 10 Games Package: 49$  


For further requests or assistance, please contact us via
 skype Skype: mmrtrend

email Email:

7640814471662864453_v2.7.1_icon   Kakaotalk: jamezzzz


48x48xWeChat-Logo-128x128.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4jrCmnRMpU WeChat: jamezz87

kik-logo-48x48 Kik Messenger: jamez870420

184 thoughts on “Buy Boosting”

  1. admin says:

    Compare the prices with other ELO Boosting Websites

    We provide safer, faster and cheaper boostings than any other elo boosting website that you can imagine. Contact or email us if you ever get to find a valid boosting webpage with better pricing.

  2. tony says:

    I’m currently at silver 1 tier 55LP. How much would you charge me to boot me up to gold 5?

    1. admin says:

      that would be 45lp + 5 games of promo series. we would like to take 35% off of original purchasing price thus it will be 21.50$

  3. gwk1312 says:

    I am thinking of Purchasing boost from Silver 1 to Plat 5. Will I get an additional discount as a bundle deal?

    1. admin says:

      you will get additional 15% to 20% discount for the gold bundle deal

  4. jong707 says:

    Im on silver 1 division now with 40 points how much would it cost?


    1. jong707 says:

      up to gold division. Thanks.

      1. admin says:

        that would be 60lp in silver with promo series so I can give you 30% discount from the original price. Please email me for payment instruction

  5. jong707 says:

    I just paid $24 for silver 1 to gold 5. Please contact me with email address thanks

    1. admin says:

      We have emailed you regarding the boosting process. Thank you

  6. sifupop says:

    Hello, how much would it cost for a boost from Silver II 98 LP to Gold 5?

    1. admin says:

      It would be 50% off for silver 2-> silver 1 thus 14$ + 34$ = 48$

  7. Shade says:

    How would i contact you to see how its coming along?

    1. admin says:

      you may contact us via email ( or skype (mmrtrend)

  8. blackcookie says:

    실버5에서 실버4 몇일정도 걸리나요?

    1. admin says:

      부스팅이 시작되면 하루정도 걸립니다

  9. Akumaluffy says:

    How much would it cost for you guys to win my last promo game from gold 1 to plat 5? I’m currently 2 wins 2 losses. Also, if you guys were to lose that game, would you play for free until you got plat 5 on my account?

    1. admin says:

      In this case we charge 3 gold 1 net wins. If we lose, then we will raise it all the way to promo series and finish it. We always charge 3 net wins for bo5 series and 2 net wins for bo3 series. Email us for more details.

  10. xql163 says:

    How much would it cost for a boost from Plat 1 64 pts to Diamond 5?

    OCE server

    and gain 0-20 points per game

    1. admin says:

      We have emailed you! you will have to purchase it as platinum 1 net wins

  11. kinq says:

    silver 4 19pts to gold 5 , 18+ a win how much OCE Server

    1. admin says:

      The rates would be flat division boosting rate up to Silver 1

  12. captainmj says:

    hello, i’m at silver 1 . 100 lp how much would it cost to do my promos? i added you guys on skype.

    1. admin says:

      it would be 3 silver 1 net wins

  13. ju7076 says:

    실버 4에서 골드 2까지얼마나걸리나요 한판당 18점씩주는데

    1. ju7076 says:

      그리고 골드5에서 플래5까지얼마나걸리나요

      1. admin says:

        디비젼당 하루이틀 생각하시면 됩니다~ 주말은 이틀 평일은 하루정도로 주시면 저희가 최대한 빨리 올려드려요

  14. PoisonXTC says:

    I’m currently at Silver 2 and Looking to get Gold 5. I’ve been averaging 20-25 LP a win and never lower than 15. How much would the boost cost. Price I saw on the website that directed me here is different from the listed prices.

    1. admin says:

      we have raised the price by little margin due to high volume of demand. It’s the end of the season so we expect prices will go up little by little.

      1. PoisonXTC says:

        How long after purchase will it normally take for boosting to take place?

        1. admin says:

          depends on which server you are. For NA it will take around 1 day and for OCE it will take around 3-5 days due to high volume of boosting requests for 5 boosters we have.

          1. PoisonXTC says:

            Okay, I processed my order. Looking forward to it. Thanks.

          2. admin says:

            we appreciate it. We will get it started tomorrow at night. Rank queues are disabled atm

  15. KIO23 says:

    I sent an email but never got a reply. How much would it cost me to go from gold 2 (24 lp currently) to plat 5?

    1. admin says:

      You may purchase a division boosting from gold 2 to plat 5 if your LP gain is more than 13LP per win.

      1. KIO23 says:

        I have been getting around 20lp up until now. But what about the lp points gaining drops when my account gets to the division 1?

        1. admin says:

          if the LP gain drops in division 1, we will switch it to net win system and get you the net win amount of what you have paid for division boosting :) so 62$ / 8.5$ = 7.29 win but we round it up to 8 win and get you 8 net wins instead.

  16. tench1997 says:

    Hello, i just bought your services to get boosted from Silver 1 to gold V. I have yet to be contacted by you. How should i send over my information?

    1. admin says:

      we already have your information since it’s your second time purchasing a boost from us :) Thank you for your heads up and we will get started around tmrw

  17. sigok207 says:

    How long would it take from plat1 9LP to dia5?

    1. admin says:

      it depends on how much LP gain per win. How much LP are you getting per win?

  18. PoisonXTC says:

    I’m currently in Silver 1 Division promo 1 loss 4 games left. Is there a way to purchase guaranteed promotion or do i have to risk net wins. Also how much?

    1. admin says:

      Please purchase 3 + 1 (from 1 loss in promo series) net wins thus total 4 silver 1 net wins for your guaranteed promotion

      1. PoisonXTC says:

        Just to clarify, You would like me to purchase 4 total net wins correct?

  19. kiddf says:

    현 실버1 인데요 방금 랭전에서 16점을 획득했습니다 현 27점 가지고있구요

    그럼 한판당 14점 넘게 획득한다는건데 그럼 Net wins 가격 필요없이 39불만 지불하면 골드 5 갈수있는건가요?

  20. rbdnjs9393 says:

    현제 플래티넘1, 다이아5 가고싶습니다.
    판당 6~7점정도 받구요 현제 45점쯤됩니다 가격이얼마나할까요?

  21. ju7076 says:

    실버 4에서 승급전 1판만이기면 실버3으로 올라가는데 골드5 가격은어느 정도할까요? 그리고 시간은 얼마나 걸리는지 알려주시면 감사하겠습니다!

    1. admin says:

      실버 4 net win 하나 결제하시고 나머지는 division boosting 가격으로 결제하시면 될거같아요.

      1. ju7076 says:

        시간은 어느정도 걸리나요 총

        1. admin says:

          실버는 디비젼당 하루정도 걸립니다

  22. bupivacaine says:

    How much would it cost to boost from SIlver 2 to Gold V? How long is the wait?

    1. admin says:

      there is no wait time in NA, EU server atm and there is approx 2-4 days of wait time in OCE server. It will take approximately two days for silver 2 -> gold 5 boosting to complete! Please add us on skype or email us for more help.

  23. yws1301 says:

    Im in gold 4 promo lost 1 and was thinking to go up to gold 2 and possibly win one game after gold 2. I was wondering how much it would cost.

    1. admin says:

      try to buy 3 net wins since there is a possibility that your account will fail promo series. Then purchase gold 3 -> 2 division boosting

      1. yws1301 says:

        I just ordered 3 net wins, now what do I need to do?

        1. admin says:

          you will be directed to the page to submit your information

  24. tench1997 says:

    HI, i just bought 10 duo q wins from you, when can you play with me? and how will i know when you are ready to play? will you contact me via skype? or…

    1. admin says:

      :D Contact us via skype ^_^ we will explain regarding duo Q service

  25. pungyaojerjer says:

    Hello it’s me again!

    My first boosting service have been completed. Very happy with service btw.

    I am currently in B1 Promotion to S5. How many net wins do I have to purchase for a guaranteed promotion to S5?

    1. admin says:

      hello again :) 3 bronze 1 net win will guarantee you for silver 5 promotion!

      1. pungyaojerjer says:

        I just purchased 3 net wins. Please check ur Paypal.

  26. theTP says:

    Hey, is it possible to log into league through teamviewer rather than giving my account creds? Thanks, TP

    1. admin says:

      I am sorry but we do not support that feature. And there is already a program that reads what you type through a teamviewer so honestly there is no point doing that if you are really worried about your account security

  27. dillude says:

    Hello! I am currently Platinum 1 – 77 LP. I was curious as to how much it would cost me to get boosted to Diamond 5. Thanks in advance!

    1. admin says:

      It depends on how much LP you get per win. You may purchase platinum 1 net wins for a guaranteed net wins and promition :)

  28. aiden says:

    현재 플5이고 작업부탁드리고 싶은데 혹시 저랑 듀오로도 플레이 가능하신가요?
    그리고 매니아통해서 결제도 가능한지 궁금하네요

    1. admin says:

      안녕하세요~ 듀오 시스템은 대문짝 참고하시면 되구요 저희는 페이팔만 받습니다. 신용카드 link하셔서 쓰시면 되고 카드가 안되시면 주변 마트 가셔서 moneypak 구입하셔서 써도 됩니다 :)

      1. aiden says:

        그럼 플5는 듀오로는 진행이 불가능하다는 말씀이신가요?

        1. admin says:

          카톡으로 문의해주셔서 답변드렸습니다

  29. kaylec1 says:

    HI im OCE Silver 1
    I want gold 5, im on 50LP , gaining 8-12.
    How much?

    1. admin says:

      the waiting queue for OCE is too long atm. It is gonna take a week at least. On the other hand the waiting queue for NA. EU is less than 24 hrs

  30. diormilky says:

    Hi I am silver 1-36 points now. Gaining 6~25. I think it is considered as low MMR. I want to get to gold 5, but I am not sure which one to choose.

    1. diormilky says:

      I am NA btw

    2. admin says:

      I think you should purchase 10 silver 1 net wins and see how it goes. If you are getting single digit then your account is LP clamped

      1. diormilky says:

        Hi! Just saw the results. It is so awesome!! I bought 5 net wins, and it is 6wins1lose. Avg. KDA is 3.15. They finished it in timely manner. I will definitely come back soon!!

        1. admin says:

          Thank you :) that’s rather disappointing kda tbh xD

  31. yws1301 says:

    Hello, I bought 4 net wins yesterday and I was wondering when the boosting will be started, finished^^

    1. yws1301 says:

      Oh i just saw 3 finished and waiting on 1 can you please notify me when you are starting the last game?

      1. admin says:

        It should be done soon

        1. yws1301 says:

          just added another tier :D I like this service alot lol

          1. admin says:

            Thank you!! we really appreciate your feedbacks

  32. waynee26 says:

    Hello, I bought 3 net wins yesterday and I was wondering when the boosting will be started? thank you

    1. admin says:

      For OCE the waiting list is big so you will have to wait a week or so to get yours started

      1. kaylec1 says:

        ah really, only a small job though currently 70lp now

  33. yws1301 says:

    I was just wondering when you guys would start!

  34. alrnrdhsjfk says:

    silver1 0points and i got about 20~30 points per game when i was in silver 2. my mmr is 1484. how much would it be to get to gold5

    1. admin says:

      how much LP do you get per win in silver 1??

  35. tlsfl1232 says:

    Just purchased a boosting. I haven’t been gotten to the page where I can submit information. How can I do that?

    1. tlsfl1232 says:

      I accidentally paid without being logged in! But I believe you guys should be able to see my e-mail on the paypal receipt?

      1. admin says:

        that is okay with us :)

    2. admin says:

      Email us with your paypal name we will give you a link

      1. tlsfl1232 says:

        Just sent. Thank you!

      2. tlsfl1232 says:

        did you get the e-mail?

        1. admin says:

          I have replied to your email

  36. aiya121 says:

    브론즈1 20lp인데요 실버5까지 얼마나 걸리고 가격은 어떻게 되나요?

    1. aiya121 says:

      아 한판에 4lp씩 정도 오릅니다..

    2. admin says:

      브론즈1 넷윈 10개 결제하시고 우선 lp 오르시는거 보고 부스팅후에 추가결제 하시면 될것 같습니다. 감사합니다 :)

  37. cpt midkid says:

    I’m currently in Silver 1, gaining 8 lp per win. currently on 16 points. How much to get boosted to gold v, and since i’m purchasing net wins, is gold v guaranteed?

    1. admin says:

      If your purchase enough net wins gold 5 is guaranteed :) id say purchase 10 net wins first and purchase additional net wins after 10 net wins are completed (should be 90-96ish LP)

      1. cpt midkid says:

        so say i purchase the 10 net wins, which will place me at 90-96lp, would purchasing another 4 wins guarantee than i will get to gold v? provided that 1 win will get me into promotion matches. And also, how long until boosting for OCE is enabled?

        1. admin says:

          yes we will enable it soon but we will enable it for only bronze & silver & gold

  38. hundang says:

    i need a boost on oce from silver 2 to gold 5 how much ?

  39. 김 혁 says:

    I’m currently at silver 1 tier, lost once in promo . How much would you charge me to boot me up to gold 5?

  40. chrisms91 says:

    지금 골드5 승급전 1번 이겨논 상태인데요
    한판 이기면 30점 정도 줘요 mmr 1663이고 beyond the league라고 뜨네요
    골드2 까지 얼마정도면 되나요?? 골드1은 얼마정도??

    1. admin says:

      골드5 넷윈 하나 결제하시면 골드4 가실것같구 골드4->3 골드3->2 이런식으로 디비젼 부스팅으로 결제하시면 될 것 같습니다~

  41. dahlialady says:

    듀오로 하면 꽤 싼거 같은데 승률은 보장하나요?

    1. dahlialady says:

      카톡좀 알 수 있을까요?

    2. admin says:

      보통 승률 80%는 나오는거 같아요

  42. schizotechie says:

    I need a boost from Silver I 25 LP to Gold V on NA, how much will that cost me?

    1. admin says:

      If you are getting less than 14lp per win, I would recommend purchasing 10 x silver 1 net wins first and see which LP you end up with then purchasing some more. If you are getting more than 14lp per win, just division boosting price will get you to gold 5.

  43. scrubling says:

    I paid for a silver 1 to gold 5 boost on OCE yesterday and was wondering if the wait is still 1 week, or if its shorter/longer or if you’re no longer doing OCE boosts at all. I dont mind if there is a wait but if you are not doing any more OCE boosts this season could you let me know

    1. admin says:

      We are doing OCE boosts and you are currently 3rd in waiting queue

      Thank you

  44. jon123456 says:

    i just bought a boost, theres no space to give my game info, so where should i give it?

    1. admin says:

      just emailed you!

  45. kwon1012 says:

    요즘 티어 1구간 게임당 랭포 ~10 미만으로 주는 걸로 바뀐거 같은데
    그래도 티어1 구간 부스터 가격은 변하지 않았나요?

    1. admin says:

      랭포 10이상으로 주는 아이디도 있습니다~ 14이하로 오르면 넷윈 가격으로 받아요 저희는 5점오르는 아이디랑 10점오르는 아이디랑 시간할애되는게 달라서

  46. cpt midkid says:

    How long is the current OCE boost queue? I’ve purchased a boost and am just wondering what number i am in the waiting queue?

  47. kurama says:

    can you reply to skype asap? i gotta let you know a few things

    1. admin says:

      You can leave us about details here. Thank you!

  48. kurama says:

    you have assigned me a booster but it has not started yet, however I will be busy playing ranked team in 2 hours, could you let him know?
    thanks, and ill tell you on skype when he can continue?

  49. sleepi1994 says:

    지금 실버 2 46포 베테랑 달았구요. 실버 1에 올라갔다가 떨어진게 두번째고 실버 2에선 20포가량, 실버 1에선 랜덤하게 2포-23포 받네요. 만약 번들 구매하면 어떻게 하면 좋을까요?

    1. admin says:

      번들은 실버5부터 가격이구요 이런경우는 음 실버2->1 디비젼 부스팅 사시구 실버1->골드5 디비젼 부스팅도 결제하신뒤 lp gain이 낮으면 저희가 7넷윈해드리고 추가결제 해드리는 방안으로 가면 될거같아요. 만약 lp gain이 높으면 그대로 골5까지 찍어드립니다

  50. dhkdrjs2 says:

    골1 승급전만 남겨놓은상태 mmr은 1850점이면 얼마정도하나요

    1. dhkdrjs2 says:

      골1->플랫5 입니다

      1. admin says:

        답변 드렸습니다

      2. admin says:

        연락 드렸습니다~

  51. kbchon16 says:

    플랫5부터 다이아 5 까지는 얼마인가요?? 번들은 아직없는건가요?

    1. admin says:

      번들은 없지만 지금 프라이스에 15%-20 정도 깎은가격으로 드릴수있습니다~~

      1. kbchon16 says:

        신청은 어떠케할수잇나요? 한다면 얼마나 걸리나요?

        1. kbchon16 says:

          한다면 총 비용은 얼마나 드나요?

          1. admin says:

            shopping cart 탭 가시면 구매방법나와있고 boosting rates가보시면 가격대 나와있습니다~ 정확한 부스트 구간을 이멜주시면 좀더 깎아드려요

  52. Boooels says:

    So what if i want to get From Plat V to Diamond V, i know it says its not available, but im kind of busy with school to dao much myself, i just wanted to know if it was possible how much it would cost.
    Im at 82 Lp in Plat V around 18 LP pr game, and i wanna go to Diamond V :)
    thx for your time :)

    1. admin says:

      It is available and we are glad to help you out. You may start with purchasing div boosting from plat 5->4 plat 4->3 and plat 3->2 and so on (use add to cart button)

      1. Boooels says:

        Oke, ill see if i have the money for it then :)

        1. Boooels says:

          Ye okay im like 200$ short xD
          Ill see if i can work something out :)

  53. AppleJuice says:

    I’m gold 1 on 78lp and getting 20+ lp per game, how much would it cost to duoq to plat 5. It says the duoq is disabled etc

    1. admin says:

      I believe you can just purchase 5 Gold 1 net wins (2 wins till promo 3 wins for promo series) in order to get to plat 5

  54. yjingtong says:

    May I ask do you offer plat duoing?

  55. drivera94 says:

    So I just purchase a gold v to plat v. How long till someone will start working on it? :O thank you!

    1. admin says:

      one of our booster will get started tonight. Thank you!

  56. blkkitty27 says:

    Just bought gold 4 10 net wins last night, how long until someone starts?

    1. admin says:

      I’ve already assigned someone for your acc he should start shortly within 24 hours

    2. admin says:

      Just to let you know your boost is complete

  57. drivera94 says:

    It’s been +24 hours, I haven’t heard from anyone and nothing has been started. Just hoping I haven’t been forgotten about :)

    1. admin says:

      i’ll talk to booster he was assigned 24 hours ago he should get started shortly

  58. blkkitty27 says:

    bought three wins in platinum 3, how long until someone can quickly finish this??

    1. admin says:

      we’ll get started under 12-24 hours thank you!

      1. blkkitty27 says:

        i would like to request jihwan if possible

        1. admin says:

          I’ll let him know

  59. NICK123met says:

    how much would it be for silver 4 92 lp – silver 2?

    1. admin says:

      that would be 3 silver 4 net wins + silver 3->2 division boosting

  60. tjrwo5656 says:

    골드4 넷윈3개 결제 확인부탁드립니다.

    1. admin says:

      톡 드렸습니다

  61. PigglyWiggly says:

    How much for Silver 3 to Gold 5 boost? Gaining roughly 18 – 24 LP per win. And at about…40 LP currently.

    1. admin says:

      you may just buy individual boost from silver 3 to gold 5 to your cart (silver 3 to 2 + silver 2 to 1 + silver 1 to gold 5)

  62. brian528z says:

    골드4–>3 결제했는데 아직 시작안하신거같아서 확인부탁드려요.

    1. admin says:

      네 시작했습니다~ 저희 부스터들 후딱 끝낼거에요

  63. Le Euris says:

    골드 듀오큐 5게임 결제완료했습니다 확인부탁드려요

  64. hmkec says:

    북미 서버 실버 2인데요, 골드 5까지 대리 받고 거기서 플랫까지 대리를 받고 싶습니다. 지금 조금 있으면 시즌이 끝나느데, 제가 신청하면 1.) 시간이 얼마 걸리나요? 2.) 돈은 총 얼마 인가요? Thank you

    1. admin says:

      가격은 회원가입 하시구 실버2->1 + 실버1->골드5 + 골드5->플래티넘 5 이렇게 디비젼 부스팅으로 넣어주심 되구요 7디비젼이기때문에 기사분들이 열심히 달리더라도 최소 8-9일은 걸릴거같아요 카톡으로 문의주세요

      1. hmkec says:

        방금 일단 실버2에서 실버1, 실버1 -> 골드1 신청했습니다. 결제는 완료 되었다고 이메일이 왓는데 개인정보를 입력하라는곳이 없네요, 이메일로 연락하실건가요?

        1. hmkec says:

          아 제말은 실버1-> 골드5요, 오타 죄송합니다

          1. hmkec says:

            링크로 들어가서 글을 올렸습니다! 언제 부터 시작이 가능 할까요?

          2. admin says:

            후딱 기사 되는대로 해드리겠습니다~

          3. hmkec says:

            순조롭게 끝났습니다^^ 감사합니다.

          4. admin says:

            네 감사합니다~

  65. zelda1220 says:

    실버1->골드5 어젓께 신청했는데, 아직 이메일 답장이 안오네요 ^^ 빠르게 확인 부탁드리겠습니다.

    1. admin says:

      카톡 하나 주세요 jamezzzz 저희가 오더가 많아서 지금 손님 아뒤는 세번째로 대기중이에요 후딱 올려드리겠습니다~

      1. zelda1220 says:

        제가 핸드폰이 없어서 카톡은 좀 곤란하겠네요 ㅎ 기다리고 있겠습니다. 편하실 때 하시구, 하시기 전에 메일 하나만 넣어주셔요.

  66. hmkec says:

    방금 실버2 에서 골5 까지 받았습니다! 이제 골5 에서 골 3까지 올리는거 결제했습니다~ 잘부탁합니다~

  67. ryanssun789 says:

    How much would it cost to boost from Silver 2 20 lp to Gold 5? I average 19-20 lp a game

    1. admin says:

      you can add silver 2 to silver 1 div boosting and silver 1 to gold 5 div boosting in the shopping cart after you have registered to the website. The cart will show you the total

  68. qwertyy31 says:

    Hello! I just bought a placement boost (plat 5 last season) how long will it take and what happens if you guys don’t get 7-3 or higher?

    1. admin says:

      Hi! we will start within 12 hours and we will make sure we get above 7-3 or higher. It’s guaranteed

  69. cokezero says:

    골1에서 플 가는 프로모션인데 3넷윈 사면 넷 윈해주시는거 맞나요? 예를들어
    승패승패승 하면 넷은1 이지만 프로모션은 됐을꺼고 프로모션 후에 2번 더 이겨주는거 맞나요? 이렇게 해줘야 넷윈으로 사는 메리트가 있을꺼 같은데

  70. sam1790 says:

    gold 3 (0 lp) – plat 5 How much?

    1. admin says:

      you may add gold 3->2 gold 2 ->1 gold 1 -> plat 5 division boosting in cart and it should be able to show the final amount. Thank you!

  71. hmkec says:

    안녕하세요, 대리를 받기 전에 몇가지 질문좀 하려는데요…
    1. 대리 신청을 언제까지 받나요? 제가 해볼수 있을때 까지는 해보다가 맡기고 싶어서요..
    2. 작년에 랭크 대리 받았다가 2주 정지 먹었었는데 이번 시즌에 대리 받으면 영정이라서 고민이 되네요. 대리를 받는게 좋을까요 아니면 받지 말까요?
    서비스가 좋은것이 알기에 다시 찾게 되었네요, 빠른 답변 바랍니다! 수고하세요~

    1. admin says:


      1. 대리 신청은 언제든 받습니다 시즌종료 바로 직전이면 만약 기사가 부족할경우 제시간안에 못끝낼수도 있지만 대부분 끝내드리는거같아요
      2. 라이엇이 대리를 잡는 메카니즘은 딱 한가지입니다. 동시대에 다른 지역에서 같은계정으로 접속할경우 혹은 짧은 시간내에 다른 지역이서 같은계정으로 게임을 돌릴경우인데 대리시작전 24시간동안 게임활동을 삼가해주시고 대리후 24시간동안 접속을 삼가하시면 정지먹을일은 없을것같아요

      더 궁금하신점 있으시면 연락주세요~ 감사합니다

  72. ac0602 says:

    안녕하세요 지금 골드5인데요
    랭뛰면 25lp이상 올라요
    다야 까지 얼마정도 할까요

    1. admin says:

      우선 골드5시면 플래5까지 부스팅 받아보시고 더 결제하시는것도 좋은 방법인거같아요

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