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MMR Trend is a group of Challenger/Diamond I tier league of legends players that provide an elo boosting service. We currently boost on North American, EU NE, EUW, OCE, Latin America, and Turkish servers. All of our boosters have considerable experience in both competitive play and boosting. We Guarantee the cheapest and the fastest boosting service you will ever receive. We will screenshot the moment of your promotion and save every single replays of your boosting games upon requests. Not only you can get your account boosted under a short period of time, but also learn from spectating our booster’s game LIVE or through lolreplay.

We guarantee the lowest price and safety.

 We are Currently Boosting NA, EU, OCE, Turkey, LA, KR, Brazil, Russia, and Garena server

why choose us


Here are some images of our Elo Boosters’ Past/Current Ranked Tier


Booster I: Ex Challenger, currently Diamond I


Booster II: The league client is in Korean but the account is in NA server (def not c9 sneaky). The webmaster of MMR Trend.

diamond 2

Booster III: Diamond II Top laner/Jungler


Booster IV: Top laner, riven khazix darius main.


Booster V: ADC main


Booster VI: Mid laner, Twisted Fate Ryze Zed main


Those are just examples of our booster stats and we currently have about 9-10 active boosters in NA, 6 boosters in EU, and 5-6 boosters in OCE.


For further requests or assistance, please contact us via
 skype Skype: mmrtrend

email Email: admin@mmrtrend.com

7640814471662864453_v2.7.1_icon   Kakaotalk: jamezzzz

facebook   www.facebook.com/cheapfasteloboosting

48x48xWeChat-Logo-128x128.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4jrCmnRMpU WeChat: jamezz87

kik-logo-48x48 Kik Messenger: jamez870420




38 thoughts on “About MMR Trend”

  1. indie says:

    hi there, i just locked in an order to go from gold 2 to plat 5. how long till i hear from you guys?

    1. admin says:

      Contact us if you did not leave us your personal information. Email us at admin@mmrtrend.com

  2. pr1ncevegeta says:

    Hi I emailed you about a reecent purchase how long till I hear back?

    1. admin says:

      We have sent an email regarding your question! Thank you

      1. pr1ncevegeta says:

        Really sorry to keep bothering but I haven’t received the email, I sent my email address to you on skype

        1. admin says:

          We have replied to your email so it should be in your inbox :)

  3. sherman2000 says:

    Mistyped my Skype address during the order process, how do I correct this? Thanks

    1. admin says:

      email us with the detail

  4. tench1997 says:

    Hi i locked in a purchase a little while ago. How long till i hear back do you think? Order is silv 3 to gold 5

    1. admin says:

      We have checked your account information and payment. It will take 24 hours to 2 days to process. We should get yours started tomorrow :) in Pacific time

  5. peroxyd says:

    I have not played the 10 provisional games yet. Do you guys also offer Duo Queue service for that ?

    1. admin says:

      yes we do :) we only offer duo queue in NA server though

  6. spithazard says:

    i just made a payment to you guys for silver 1 to gold 5. when will i hear from you guys about my order? i sent my account information through email btw

    1. admin says:

      Please check your email thank you!

  7. zezruta says:

    Hey, just ordered Silver I to Gold V, I left my information, how long until I will hear from you guys? :)

    1. admin says:

      the wait time in NA is approx 24-56 hours after the purchase

  8. spithazard says:

    hi, i was told that my boosting would start today but i never got any messages about when the boosting would begin. i’m sorry if im annoying you guys but i’m a little anxious about getting to gold.

    1. spithazard says:

      nevermind thanks!

  9. arane says:

    hey i just bought a plat 1 to diamond 5 boost when will i get a reply???

    1. admin says:

      We had a conversation over skype

  10. dohyunlee93 says:

    Hello guys, I recently purchased some wins. Can I know my status on when you guys will start?

  11. Kemoeatu13 says:

    sent a purchase through yesterday. when can I hear from u guys also messaged you on Skype and had sent an email prior to the purchase.

    1. admin says:

      what’s your name on paypal?

      1. Kemoeatu13 says:

        Cameron Mackall

        1. admin says:

          we don’t have you in the payment list

  12. gongong33 says:

    쇼핑카트 눌렀는데 아무것도 안나와요

    1. admin says:


  13. powerharim says:

    플랫1 0점인데 다이아 5까지 얼마죠. 판당 15점 받아요

    1. admin says:

      가격은 http://www.mmrtrend.com/boosting-rates 요기를 참고해주세요

  14. car202 says:

    언랭 플레이스먼트는 얼마에요? 브론즈-실버하고 같은 가격인가요?

    1. admin says:

      언랭 배치는 55$입니다 전시즌 실버 배치고사와 같아요 최소 7-3보장해드리고 보통 아마 저희 부스터들이 8-2 9-1 운좋으면 10승0패까지도 해드릴수 있을거에요.

  15. solventy says:

    제가 실수로 플래티넘 플레이스먼트로 결제를해버렸습니다. 정확히 65불인데 이거를 제가 북미 실버5에서 실버2까지 가능한가요? 딱 60불정도되서..

    1. admin says:

      네 가능합니다~

  16. peacehj says:

    신청했습니다. 확인해주시나요?

    1. admin says:

      톡주셔서 답장 드렸습니다

  17. qwertyy31 says:

    Hello! I just bought a placement boost (plat 5 last season) how long will it take and what happens if you guys don’t get 7-3 or higher?

    1. admin says:

      Hi! we will start within 12 hours and we will make sure we get above 7-3 or higher. It’s guaranteed

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